Thursday, September 21, 2006

2006 Terry Fox Run

We participated in this year's Terri Fox Run as a family. Marissa's friend Ana was kind enough to join us as well.

Fortunately, after days and days of rain the weather for Sunday's event was spectacular. There didn't seem to be as many people attending at Wilket Creek park as in previous years but it was still a respectible turn out. As usual I picked up a participation sticker to add to my certificate, but this year we also started one for Aidan. Hope he continues the tradition.

Taylor Creek Park Bridge

Happy guys


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cabinet Doors

At last I've finished a set of doors. These are the lower doors for the kitchen work center.

I opted in favor of using MDF (medium density fibre) rather than wood. That's because MDF mills down quite nice and is perfectly flat and moisture stable. It's also relatively cheap too, the downside it the amount of dust created. The one thing to watch out is since it's not wood it needs the raw edges sealed and properly primmed prior to painting.

I like the simple and classic lines. It 5 pieces and milled using a router and a reversible panel bit.

I purchased a Benjamin Moore product called Melamine. It's a very hard urethane white paint. It will be used as the final finish. The guy at the store raved about it. But instead of using a brush I'm planning on buy a small air sprayer from Lee Valley tools.

4 more doors to go.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Evidence of standing

I've been trying to snap a photo of Aidan standing but it's not been easy. I think he knows what I'm up to so he's been very low the ground this weekend. But I finally did get a picture, not too dramatic but a photo nonetheless (by the way don't mind the person in the background, it's Aidan who is the subject of this post, hee hee).

After I snapped the photo he figured the jig was up so he started standing whenever the opportunity presented itself. The funniest thing was he saw himself standing in the mirror. I could tell he was actually fascinated by it and he stayed standing for at least a couple of minutes, laughing at the same time. His awareness of it just blew me away.

This afternoon we went to the Cabbagetown Art and Farm festival. Unfortunately the farm was closed :( due to a sewer backup. I don't know where all the animals were taken but there was lots of artists showcasing some pretty amazing crafts.

I hadn't been to the that area in 20 years and I'm impressed by quaintness of the neighnbourhood and homes. The last time I was they I accidentally stumbled across it while riding my bike over the Riverdale Park bridge that crosses the DVP. I saw some really beautiful homes today, Cabbagetown in truly a Toronto gem. I also saw Austin Delaney of CTV news. He was chatting it up with another broadcaster but I can't recall his name. Not a really famous person, like someone from Rogers Cable (LOL). I'm planning on going back there in the Fall and Winter to take some photos. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


For the past couple of weeks Adian has been doing a 2 second freestand. Sometimes he'll let go of the table he's hanging on to and other times he'll just stand up from a squating position. And if he's in a good mood he'll do this bouncing dance. The minute he sees us turn and look at him, he'll quietly sit down as it nothing happened.

I believe it was after seeing Owen and Erin a couple of days ago that he got motivated to stand for a longer time. My parents said he stood today for about 1 minute! In fact they have a photo of him clapping as well. They also said he has a favorite tune from a toy he likes to get up and dance to. It'll be so wierd to see him walk. They grow up so fast.

Lately he'll come up and kiss you too. Albeit an open mouth, slobbery kiss, but I'll take it. BTW, he he a cold this week and I felt like I was coming down with something so I hit the ColdFX. You never know about these baby germs, they can be 200 times more potent that adult cooties. Sometimes I think he's a moody kid, then other times he's so calm and cuddly. He'll sit on my lap and listen to me read bedtime stories then fall asleep, other times he'll try to sit on my back as I'm doing push ups. He's definately got a sense of humour.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Afternoon fun

We spent an afternoon at Kumari and Eric's home today, Ana and Joe were there as well.

There was alot to do for both Aidan and the guys. Eric's got a professional Chex Hockey game (as well as a ton of other cool stuff) exactly like one you'd find at Paladium. Unfortuntely I haven't played in a while so I got skunked by both Joe and Eric. Next time I'm over I'll ask for a rematch.

Aidan was introduced to a G-scale train set. He was as little timid of the sound and speed of the trains but I think he found it interesting. Their daughter Aaron was a great playmate. She pushed Aidan around on a Hippo cart and she graciously tollerated him grabbing stuff from her.

Each day Aidan is surprising us with his attempts to free stand. You and I take standing for granted but it's really amazing watching the process of a toddler go from crawling, squating and ultimately walking.

Ticking the ivories

Thinking inside the box

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labour Day Weekend

Labour Day weekend was wet and windy thanks to hurricane Enersto, thank's alot Ernesto for a great end to Summer. But I'm sure there will be at least two more days above 30 degrees celcius or I'll eat a bug.

We all went "out of town", Mississuaga. Square One.

The photo shows Aidan in his "McLaren" F1 supercar, today the rain visor and rain tires are on. BTW, The photo ont the right is the real McLaren F1, he'll own one one day.

We bumped into a couple from our pre-natal class. They had their son Owen with them and it seems like Owen and Aidan are natural friends. I'm not sure who reached out first from their perch but they found themselves holding hands and smiling for a good 5 minutes. We had to pull them apart, so cute. Later, Aidan sat in his stoller as Owen walked around him.

I suspect that Aidan didn't want to be outdone by Owen so he decided he's walk the rest of way back to the car. Seriously.