Monday, March 17, 2008

Little Man makes me proud

Last weekend we visited Vaughn Mills. The highlight of the day was the Nascar Speed Park. Although Aidan is still too small to ride go-karts there were lots of games and things to do. 

I remember last Christmas he was too timid to climb on the raised playground at W
oodbine Center. This weekend he just went for it. He climbed 20ft to the top (safety nets everywhere) and ran around with 
other kids. The one thing he stayed away from was the spiral tube slide. That was my fault because when he was a about a year and a half I placed him down pretty steep spiral slide at the Bronx Zoo. I suspect he tumbled head first in the the slide and he wasn't a happy camper when he got to the bottom. Since then he's been pretty cold towards any type of slide.  I know he's not scared of too many things, in fact this weekend he diving head first in the the pool.
After about an hour and with Mommy at the top encouraging him to go (an probably seeing other kids go down as well) he did us proud and slid down. Not once, but many more times :-) Makes me really proud of my little guy.

Won big at Timmy's

I finally cashed in on Roll Up the Rim.  No I did win the car or the boat but I did win $50 credit on a Tim card. That's about a months worth of coffee :-)

Unfortunately to claim my prize I have to fill out and mail-in a long legal-ese form :-(

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Wii

It's not what you think.

Ever since Christmas I've been trying to buy a Nintendo Wii. The worldwide shortage whether geniune or engineered by Nintendo has made it virtually impossible to find one. I was almost tempted to go for a Playstation 3.

Today I happened to be crusing the website when what do you know? A Wii bundle was offered (extra controller and games). I quickly placed and order and I should be getting it delivered ($0 shipping) by next week :)

Now I'm wondering if I should sell it on ebay for $500. Nah, I'm going to open it and set it up and blow off some steam after work. I think Marissa will like it because it comes with boxing so she can vent her frustrations on me, the virtual me.

This one good thing offset all the pounds of bad crap thrown at me at work today :-)

Monday, March 03, 2008

No time for snow

When I was a few years younger I liked to go out and shovel snow for a couple of hours. It was good exercise and an opportunity to get out of the house. Now things are different, especially this year.

I'm getting a little tired of snow now. Tomorrow and Wednesday we're expecting another 10-15 cm of the it, just after it started to melt away in today's 10c spring-like weather.

I used to feel a little shy hauling out my snow blower in front of my neighbours. Now I don't give a sh*t because I'm not spending 2 hours clearing a driveway. I believe that because our house faces north and has a long narrow driveway we accumulate more snow as the drifts can get up to 2 ft.

Marissa thinks it's my toy, but I said it's first and foremost a tool (then a toy).

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Toboganing 101

Here's a funny clip of the little guy going down a run at Edwards Gardens today.