Sunday, October 29, 2006

First Halloween Party

Some people are against Halloween and will have no part of it. Generally they say it's because its it's Pagan origins. Personally, I've always liked Halloween and my parents loved passing out treats.

In most communities including ours, it's an opportunity to meet and chat with neighbours. On that evening eveyone is a kid again. And despite the usual evening rush hour traffic to get home it's really a neat thing if you think about it. People are trying to get home early to do all that fun stuff either for their own kids or someone elses'.

On Saturday night we went to Shaindy and Seth's across the street. They always have a big goolish bash. The kids party started at 6pm, adults after 9pm. As you can see Aidan was a pirate this year. Looks pretty cool eh?

He was a little aprehensive at first with all strangers around, probably more so that night because no one looked normal. After some time passed he was running around like he owned the place. He made alot of friends, but two in particular worth special mention. First, Shaindy's brother was dressed as Pooh Bear, Adian really liked him. And second Andrew who is Mike and Penny's son. Andrew didn't let Aidan wander too close to the stairs and he also made sure Aidan had lots to eat and drink. Andew mixed up some Apple juice in a shot glass and fed it to Aidan, so cute.

Easy like Sunday morning

I've love that old Lionel Richie song. Today is Sunday and a swim day for Aidan and dad. Unfortunately someone threw up in the pool so it was cancelled :-(

Instead we went to the Beach and it was really really really windy. I figured some running around time is just as good as swimming. He walked/ran from the car to the playground. It's really something to watch because we were in an open field it's was really up to him which path he decides to take to the playground. Eventually the wind and cold made us make a quick retreat back to the CR-V.

Along the way back we picked up some leaves and a 'Yoda' stick.

Poor guy was totally pooped by noon. But it was a fun time had by all.