Sunday, December 21, 2008

Window insulation kit works

This year I've noticed the draftiness of the windows in my home. It's so bad that my bedroom is actually 8c colder than the rest of the house. One day I will get nice new windows but it's not in our budget this year. My brother had suggested using the window film that goes over the window casing and your shrink it nice and tight with the heat of a hairdryer.

First of all I didn't think this stuff would work too well. I mean, how much could a sheet of plastic hold back the arctic air. And second, I like to open the window to get some air once and a while even if it is Winter, this stuff seals the window until it's removed.

To make a long story short, the first thing I said after walking into my bedroom was "This shit works!". If you have drafty windows, give it a try. I can live without opening the window until Spring. The only concern I have now is if my cat will tear it up bounce off it if he tries to lump onto once of the window ledges.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

My 2 cents on the economy

I'm not denying there is an unprecedented economic problem in the world. But I don't believe that a one size fits all economic stimulus package works, especially for Canada. The political opposition parties want to dole out money like the US has in the hopes of spurring some overnight economic revival. Even with the 700 billion cash infusion into the US economy the markets have tanked day after day. I know, I've been watching it hourly each day ( I guess I should be working). Unfortunately when the US coughs everyone catches cold.

Unemployment in Canada is no where close to that of the United States. Neither are the number of bankruptcies, home foreclosures, or credit card defaults. I don't believe that consumers or businesses in Canada with good credit ratings cannot get loans. In the two weeks alone I've had more than 5 financial institutions/credit card issuers try to give me > 10L of credit. That could be partly from from the modest cash injections by the Bank of Canada, but I mostly because historically Canadian banks have better liquidity compared to the US.

As long as Canadians , business and individuals, continue to act responsibly with their finances we won't fall into pay cheque to pay cheque model that Americans are brainwashed into thinking is perfectly normal.

There is no bank in Canada would have given out the NINJA mortgages (No Income No Job) that those greedy US lenders handed out. I can't wait to see how much more compliance work guys like me are gonna have dumped on after the smoke clears on this one.