Monday, July 24, 2006

Aidan climbs mount Queensdale

Today the little guy came back from a day at the grandparents and decided to do some stair climbing. I've seen him climb a few steps before and Marissa says he's gone so far as halfway. But today he stopped for a brief rest at the half way point then practically ran up to the top landing, then scurried off into the second bedroom. Adventurous and fearless! That's my little guy!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Damn Birds and Bird Flu

Last thursday I decided to replace the kitchen exhaust vent because we noticed that a bird had decided to use it as a home. A couple of years ago I neglected to do the same for the bathroom vent and a bird ended up dying in it and stinking up my house. Anyways when I got the vent off I found three small sparrow eggs sitting confortably in the nest, being the sensitive person I am I decided to relocate then to a dense vine nearby. In doing so, I accidentally dropped the eggs on the floor :-( I felt like a total looser.

Shortly after replacing the vent I felt a uncomfortable scratchyness in my throat. That was followed by a sore throat then a day of chest congestion and wheezing. I woke up Saturday morning searching the Internet for Avian Flu symptons fearing the worst.

It's Monday and I went to work and I'm feeling much better, not 100% but at least I'm still alive.

Lesson #1, always wear mask and gloves.

Hey, at least I didn't miss my department picnic last Friday. I brought Marissa and Aidan too. It was a fun day for all. See, Aidan is tyring to solve the mystery of the skipping rope. He loves all things ropey.