Monday, January 14, 2008

Countdown to iMac

We have our 20" iMac on order and I can't wait for it's arrival.

So long ...
- Windoze XP
- Ugly overheating loud beige computer
- USB 2.0 that never worked past USB 1.0 speeds
- Gangly wires all over my desk
- Poorly writtenand running software, esp. video and photo editing programs which never worked
- Windows Task Manager (End Task)
- Viruses and malware (which any 14 year old can write)
- Patches and Service Packs which I have never been able to install (and yes I have a legit copy of Windows)
- That bloaty feeling.

Hello to:
- The way consumer computing experience should be.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Basement Renovation Started

After 4 long months and commendable effort (and marital stress) by my better half, she has successfully cleared our all of her craft supplies and I can see the floor now; and most importantly start the renovation. Good job Mo! I can be an ass but I'm practicing for a hosting job on Clean Sweep.

It all started this afternoon with the inaugural removal of a hinge by my son Aidan, but shortly after it became a one man pry bar and drywall ripping catastrophe. There's no turning back now, I kept muttering. "What do you mean", asked Marissa. "Uh, nothing", I said.

A dividing wall and a closet will be removed to make an open space. The room layout will be very simple but the decor is still to be decided. My thoughts so far are:

- Lay down maple color wood laminate over the ceramic tile to warm up the floor. Use a large area run in the center of the room
- Put low wattage pot lights in the ceiling about 14" from the perimiter walls to make the room seem taller
- Use scones on some walls again to give the illusion of height
- Repaint the walls to a lighter color, maybe a straw brown.
- Use full height curtains to cover some doors and walls to give the feeling of windows.

I happened to find some aluminium wiring so I might get an electrician to replace. It might be a good time to upgrade he panel to 100 Amps too. It's only 60 Amps.

The remaining of the week I'll be using the Sawzall to take down the wall studs then hauling the debris out to the dumpster.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

My First IPod (Nano)

Marissa gave me a silver iPod Nano for my 38th birthday.

I've never really been overly fascinated with digital music players, maybe because being a programmer I'm just used to being around technology. Besides, I have a Sony Mp3 player that travels with me when I jog and I have no complaints with it at all. But I must admit that this little player is really COOL. Thanks Mo.

The interface and design is so clever and the new video player feature is great for watching music videos or pod casts. I also discovered the iTunes store. It's almost like rediscovering music.

The first download I purchased was a Westlife compilation (Unbreakable), it only cost be $9.99 vs $36 at HMV (Import). I think I'm really going to like having this thing around. I'm also thinking about buying a home speaker system so I can dock the iPod and allow others to enjoy. Really cool gift.