Sunday, April 29, 2007

What's new

Finally some decent weather has arrived. More daylight means less work and more outdoor time.

The little guy's latest favorite pastimes are the soccer ball and the recently donated sand/water play thing. I can remember back in kindergarten my favorite play station was sand and water too! In fact, Aidan likes these things so much he's turned down milk to stay outside, and if you know Aidan that is really something.

Last week he took a pretty bad fall in the backyard. He's okay and all the bruises scrapes on his face have healed. I'm sure there will be more to come but the first one is always the hardest, at least for the parents.

His latest word is 'No'. In the past he showed his disapproval by shaking his head. Suddenly he's taken to saying 'No No No'.

Trip to the Zoo

A couple of weekends ago we visited the Toronto Zoo. A lot has changed since I last visited over 10 years ago, for example the Monorail is replaced by a trolly, there are more indoor pavilions and nicer outdoor exhibits. Don't look for a McDonalds because there aren't any anymore. The monkeys have a large outdoor pen. I think Zoo tried to give them some new grass but the mokeys kept rolling up the sod.

Aidan enjoyed seeing the elephants and fishes. We bought a pass so we'll be going back at least a few more times this year. Did I mention there's a water park there now?