Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer Scavenger Hunt

This past Wednesday we skipped off work to attend the first annual? Scotiabank Online Banking Technology scavenger hunt held at Sunnybrook park. Each team had to find and photograph a number of items within the park. In addition there were a number of things to bring back as well as trivia questions to complete.

Our team won with the fastest time and most points. We kind of cheated by piling into someone's SUV and driving around the park. I literally hung out the back of the vehicle with the gate open spotting items as we drove through the park. It felt like riding through Iraq in a Humvie. Unfortunately for me I had a sore neck that day and George (the driver) I found out has no respect for speed bumps.

Some items were close by while others were located in a sports field at the top of Sunnybrook. I felt a little bad for the people that actually walked up there in the 30 degree heat. There weren't any rules saying we couldn't drive so all's fair I suppose.

Afterwards, we chowed down on pizza and wings, and to end a perfect afternoon away from work, an ice cream truck pulled up with free stuff.

Photo: 7 Neat Guys (George, Italo, Terrance (hiding), Mohan, Me, Daryl, John).

Monday, July 16, 2007

2007 Deck Project

This year's ambitous project is the construction of a 8x14 cedar deck in the backyard. I've always hated the way I have to exit the back of the house down a set of flimsy steps to get to my BBQ. The deck will be in a way an extension to the inside of the house. There will be a pergola supported by 2 6x6 cedar posts , this will be the focal point.

The tricky part of this structure is to make the basement walkout still accessible if required. The plan is to cover the walkout with a removal deck floor. Later on, I may hinge the removable floors and use a counter weight to assist accessibility.

This is the project so far:

BTW thanks to Warner for helping secure the ledger board to the house.

Summer Fun

Summer is underway, and the pools are open.

A co-worker of mine had a pool party last friday at his home, so we all took the afternoon off. I brought Aidan with me, he was a little clinggy at first but eventually he warmed up to all the strangers. Aidan gestured to take his shirt off so he could jump in the pool. Kids are great, they make me do things I would otherwise never do. The water was about 28 celcius and had water slide. We had a blast.

On Sunday we visited one of Marissa's friends in Maple. They have a nice large house with an above ground inflatable pool. Good thing we brought Aidan's swim gear again because he wanted in. Only downside is that it C-C-COLD.